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Distribution network construction of striding forward transformer equipment market "nuggets"
Category: Company News
Date: 2019-01-21
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Author: 佚名
The distribution network is important infrastructure of city construction, will usher in a new development opportunity.
Polaris smart grid online news: distribution network construction is a priority by the end of 2012, the state grid corporation of distribution automation coverage rate is only 10%, covering 26 companies at the provincial level, 22000 10 kv lines; And France, and Japan, distribution automation coverage rate reached 90% and 90% respectively. With the acceleration of urbanization process in China, the distribution network development ushered in the great opportunities and greater challenges. On the one hand, the national urbanization as the greatest potential for expanding domestic demand, in the field of infrastructure investment; The distribution network is important infrastructure of city construction, will usher in a new development opportunity. On the other hand, distribution network development will directly face the urbanization process to speed up the test. With the rapid development of distributed power supply, electric vehicles, energy storage device such as a large number of access, distribution network become active network by passive network, tide changed from one-way to multi-directional, and requires power to improve the ability to adapt, so to speed up the upgrading appears increasingly urgent. Do both opportunities and challenges the state grid company for distribution network with southern power grid company and the construction of intelligent enthusiasm unabated, state grid corporation in 2013 in the middle of the meeting will be defined as "urgent" distribution network construction, 8, 3 trillion investment plan for intelligent power grid and distribution network construction has sufficient funds safeguard; Southern power grid company planning during the period of "twelfth five-year" agricultural distribution network construction with a total investment of 227.9 billion yuan, according to this calculation, agricultural distribution network investment in 2013-2015 and 150.5 billion yuan, annual average 50 billion yuan compared with growth of 33.3% in 2012, the city distribution network investment growth will be higher. Alone, however, distribution transformer products, equipment the overall technology level in our country there is a big gap compared with abroad. In the next five years, the distribution transformer industry in our country will enter a period of opportunities and challenges, and transformation and upgrading will undoubtedly become the race "key words". Technical constraints leads to lower industry concentration of distribution transformer industry in China in 2013-2017 market demand forecast and investment strategy analysis report, according to the distribution transformer in China in 2012 a total of 1021 enterprises in the industry. From the structure, the ultra-high pressure and ultra-high voltage products because of its high production cost is higher, the enterprise investment scale, high technical content, caused the industry high barriers to entry, market is relatively concentrated. On the contrary, the market concentration is relatively low, low voltage products in product sales growth will gradually flatten out.
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