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Edison's revenge: USB or power would cause revolution
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Date: 2019-01-21
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Although it is not easy to put solar power to the ac power grid, but the energy model is suitable for low voltage dc local power grid. In the invention of USB bart equally ecstatic 20 years ago.
In today's alternating current (ac) unify the whole country, direct current (dc) are quietly brewing a revolution, and the key is already commonplace USB technology. This not only can bring a revolution to the power supply industry, also will better improve power efficiency, and even promote the development of the Internet of things. A wide range of cables, incompatible joint, all kinds of adapter was a trial to travelers. Edison's revenge: USB or power would cause revolution today, even more dramatic change in sight. Since 2014, the USB line will be for larger electronic equipment power supply. In the long run, this will change the way the power of the family and office place, can not only save costs, but also can improve efficiency. Even the USB inventor, Intel engineers, jay bart (AjayBhatt) also did not expect this technology can have so much energy. He had developed the main destination of this interface, it is to reduce the number of peripherals and computer connection complex steps. Keyboard, mouse, speakers and other peripherals requires a different cable, usually also install a different driver. USB main task is to help computers and equipment to the communication and negotiation. Bart, he created a new set of charging system. Although USB charging current highest capacity can reach 10 watts, barely enough to the use of equipment, but it has already become a mobile phones, electronic readers, and other small electronic devices of charging mode by default. Some mobile phone maker when it comes to sales is no longer provide the power adapter. Some more creative inventors also launched with USB power supply fan, mini fridge and toy rocket launchers. Next year's new standards is called USBPD, can bring more flexibility for the technology, will charge the ability to expand to the current 10 times: up to 100 watts. Simon Daniel (SimonDaniel) was the founder of the science and technology company Moixa, he is now in the office in London with enhanced USB port prototypes for laptop batteries. Office of low voltage LED desk lamp is also used by the same route. The same is true of computer monitors, printers, and desktop computers. Only the microwave oven, hot water bottle and power-hungry using traditional power supply. Trend to reverse this may herald a larger change, could trigger the revival of the direct current (dc), make it become more and more low household and office equipment charging preferred. Since nikola tesla (NikolaTesla) defeated after Thomas Edison (ThomasEdison), direct current (dc) long suppressed by alternating current (ac) in the position in the electronic world. Tesla's victory has many reasons, but one of them is because the technology at the time are easier to switch between the different version for different voltage, thus became the better power transmission and distribution system. But the tide may soon reverse. Alternating current into direct current (dc) to the transistor (this is in the heart of all electronic devices) power supply, this way is very complicated, the most common way is to use the power adapter. These can be seen everywhere in the small box is now very cheap, very lightweight, but efficiency is not high, usually take DianZhuan into heat. And regardless of day and night, regardless of the price of this equipment will be kept running. So the better way is laid Daniel use the kind of direct current network, for all the household and office electronic equipment. So the USB line had a bigger place. They can not only direct current transmission, can also transmit data. This means that it can set priorities between power equipment and power equipment. For example, when the notebook is used to recharge the phone, "the computer, so to speak, I now need to start the hard drive, so don't charge for the next 10 seconds." said bart. With the new standard of variable voltage and high power brings the possibility of a more, even introduces some new features: let the electricity to any direction. This in turn has brought another advantage. Low voltage dc power grid can be well compatible with solar panels. The latter can be generated at different times different amount of direct current, and the price is cheaper and cheaper, and even can be directly installed on the window or on the roof. Although it is not easy to put solar power to the ac power grid, but the energy model is suitable for low voltage dc local power grid. When the sun lights up strong, and can help you to all the laptops, mobile phones and electronic devices. Advantages of this model can bring benefits to the home or office. If you have any pick up into the power grid in the network of large central battery, in electricity prices cheaper night self charging, effect will be better. But the real advantage will dc power grid integration in building more apparent. Collect all sorts of supply, demand and storage, can be transformed into a "smart grid" - a more flexible and is more economical than the existing mode of power supply system. Emergency service planners like this thought: when power outage, mobile devices such as crucial. Traditional power grid management is also very welcome any technology that the peak level power consumption. Daniel's company has built a dozen prototypes in the UK, a london-based a theatre, a is located in binhai southend of a community. They are still in the Czech republic Nupharo science and technology park set up another project. There also held a meeting this month, to discuss how to low voltage dc power networks deployed to difficult to access communication in poor countries. Able to store solar energy, and provide the mobile phone charging and night lighting system, will attract a demand. Electrical learners feel very exciting. Low voltage direct current (dc) is very cheap, very safe, is also very environmentally friendly. Big technology companies are also developing various chip to adapt to the new standard. Intel executive brad sander (BradSaunders) said, the first USB PD device will go on general sale in 2014, and large area launched in 2015. At the university of Pittsburgh swanson school of engineering, golay reed (GregoryReed) believe that the new USB standards will lead to a revolution. Has a large number of large-scale data center server, he said, have begun to use dc, family and offices will follow up. This pattern of change when the "Internet of things" continuous fermentation. This technique can hope to make all sorts of equipment and electronic products are automatically by the way of more intelligent communication. This means that a lot of new equipment not only need the power supply, also has the capability of data transmission, and the new USB standard can also satisfy the two requirements. In the invention of USB bart equally ecstatic 20 years ago. His next plan is to get the USB interface can realize two-way insert - this technique can only identify a direction now, if you make a mistake, cannot smoothly inserted into the socket. The beginning in this design, it is in order to reduce the production cost as much as possible, after all, there was no concept of a few people believe that he can catch.
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